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Learning to Kitesurf is easier than you think! With its easy learning curve you’ll be amazed how quickly you’ll be up, riding and learning tricks.

Our dedicated and friendly team of Kitesurfing Instructors offer brilliant lessons for all levels. With a maximum of 4 students to each instructor, you’ll receive excellent tuition and safety guidance as you get to grips with your new found passion!

You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll pick up Kitesurfing! Perfect for all fitness levels, you don’t require a huge amount of upper body strength. The power from the Kite is taken by a waist harness, leaving your arms free to control the kitesail and bar. Board skills are easy, if you’ve already tried wakeboarding, snowboarding and skateboarding you’ll be amazed how similar these are to kiteboarding!

You will quickly learn to master the speed and control of direction and by the end of your holiday you could be performing your first jumps.

The Algarve is the perfect kiting destination, with brilliant wind conditions throughout the year. In summer we welcome the northerly ‘Nortrada’ winds, picking up in the early afternoon and creating the best possible condition for learning to Kite.

The Alvor Lagoon, just a short drive from the Lodge, is an ideal location to learn and master Kitesurfing. Covering over 2 km, the water is calm, flat and only waist deep making it the safest learning environment in all of Europe.

Learning the basic safety and techniques is not difficult.  You will quickly learn to master your kite and take best advantage of the wind.

3 Hour Course – Introduces you to the fundamentals of flying a kite and basic safety,

7 Hour Course – Designed to get you on the board and moving and will introduce you to the main underlying principles of Kitesurfing.

10 Hour Course – Aims to get you on the water to a level where you can practise safely on your own.

15 Hour Course - Enhancing your skills and introducing you to jumps and some tricks.

One to one sessions lasting for 2 or 3 hours and improver clinics are available according to needs and requirements.

What’s included:

  • Chosen lesson time with a BKSA or IKO qualified kite surf coach
  • All equipment needed
  • Full safety briefing
  • Step by step program to build confidence with the equipment and environment depending on level
  • Free pick ups to the Alvor lagoon from AltaVista Surf and Adventure Lodge

Prices per person

Kitesurfing Lessons Price per person
Mar - Nov
Fundamentals3 hour course 120 €
Gets you on board and moving7 hour course 215 €
Gets you surfing on your own10 hour course 300 €
Enhanced skills15 hour course 415 €
One to one - on requestper hour 70 €


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3 Hour

An Introduction to the basics and fundamentals of flying a powerful Kite:

  • Basic tuition on Kite Surfing equipment
  • Safety checks and how to set up your kite.
  • How to carry out a site assessment for safety
  • Water safety briefing
  • How to launch and land your kite
  • Practising relaunching your kite when kite goes down
  • Body Dragging, getting you in the water and using the power of the kite.
  • Understanding and practice of deep water self rescues

7 Hour

A more detailed course to get you up and moving on the board. Introduction to the main principles of kitesurfing.

  • Introduction to waterstarts and theory
  • Further tuition on launching and relaunching kite from water
  • Getting up on the board.
  • Knowledge of Kitesurfing etiquette.
  • Understanding and practice edging, toe edge, heel edge
  • Introduction to riding up wind.

10 Hour

Building your confidence on the water, practicing safely and getting you ready to kitesurf on independently.

  • You’ll have a solid understanding of kitesurfing
  • Independently able to launch, land and relaunch your kite
  • Demonstrate good control of your board
  • Confident in edging both heel and toe edge.
  • Advanced site and risk assessment.
  • Understanding tides, wind and weather conditions.

15 Hour

Following a 10 hour course you’ll feel confident and almost ready to kite independently. Our 15 Hour course is will leave you feeling comfortable kiting along. We will tailor this course specifically to your needs, looking at were you’d like to improve.



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